Military weapons

Since the very beginning company mostly focused on further improvement of its know-how (patent No. 283180) and it’s deployment within the design for military weapons. The company has tested and prototyped this design in many functional models in multiple calibers that are mostly used by armed forces.

Currently, it is used for construction of a new weapons Pat. No. 8,117,957, which was developed based on years of experience and knowledge of company in the development of technical solution of weapons locking systems. Current technical solution based on this new patent No. US 8,117,957 is the latest generation of system development and avoids the disadvantages of other used weapons locking systems, ensures high reliability of weapons and especially regular cadence when firing in bursts throughout the cycle of breech running.

It has been proven that the patented mechanism reduces the recoil of the weapon, which is being distributed in "time". This is very advantageous for the shooter especially in case of firing in long bursts. Under such a mode of fire the achieved spread of hits (the size of the group of hits) is smaller than it is with competing weapons.

Another advantage of our mechanism is that it is not operated by powder gases taped from the barrel. This simplifies the design, the weapon is easier to clear and maintain and is less prone to fail. The result is a very prominent increased in reliability of the weapon.

Present day