Who we are

CZECH WEAPONS s.r.o.company has been founded in 1996 and it has been registered by District Court of Brno, section C, entry 30822.

The main goal of the company is continual improving of small arms design based on our patent No. US 8,117,957, which reflects a special kind of breech - locking mechanism for firearms. Utilization of the design described in the above mentioned patent creates a significant reduction of recoil forces, which in turn substantially improve performance of a weapon, its handling characteristics and precision especially when shooting in fully automatic fire mode.

In addition to the newly designed weapons with the patented locking mechanism our company modifies and improves a variety of already existing weapons, to simplify their design and performance and make their production more cost efficient.

In another area of interest, our company develops a special mechanisms for destruction of small caliber ammunition, offers technical assistance for start-up production of small caliber ammunition in the newly established factories and technical assistance in solving of fitting weapons into vehicles.

CZECH WEAPONS s.r.o. is a development organization whose goal is permanent and timeless progress of structure of weapons according to current trends and individual customer requirements. The output of the company is complete technical documentation for the production of weapons, produced prototype or more prototypes, which are produced on the basis of this technical documentation, their testing and subsequent handover of the so called know-how to the customer, which are usually factories of weapons industry, but it can also be end-user, for which the company CZECH WEAPONS is able to supply its own-developed weapons of mass-production.

Currently, the company also participates in the creation of its own projects intended for small batch production of weapons with a focus on the civilian market. The purpose of these projects is to establish a fully developed small series production capability. Products would be sold by us to sports and hobby shooters, but also to protect the health and property, and in order to improve customer service, who have an interest in buying the complete tested production know-how of selected weapons.

Our results

2010 - 2015
Development of special locking mechanism of 3rd generation and subsequent registra-
tion of patent in the world + development of weapons according to present and future
standards for modern weapons.

2007 - 2009
Participation on development of a multi-caliber assault rifle within framework
of the NATO project Soldier of 21st Century).

2005 - 2006
Developed a sniping grenade launcher for the US Marine Corps.

2002 - 2004
Improvement of series of different weapons (simplification and improvement of their
tactical and technical characteristics).

1997 - 2001
Developed family of infantry firearms.

Invented breech mechanism reducing significantly recoil of the weapon.


Our know-how (breech – locking mechanism) is patented in various countries:

- China
- Eurasia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan)
- Europe (the European Union, Albania, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Iceland, Monaco, Macedonia, San Marino, Norway, Turkey)
- Canada

Applications are also submitted in India.


We have developed a range of small arms in calibers from 4,38 mm to 40 mm, which are characterized by:

  • High unification of structural parts, heredity and interchangeability of parts. This makes it possible to produce weapons economically and flexibly. The transition of employees at production change from one type of weapon to another is easy, using all the experience, which employees already have.
  • Simple construction with a small number of parts produced on simple machinery or using modern production technologies. Low production and assembly labour-intensity increases production efficiencies, while weapons are characterized by high reliability of functions.
  • Lightweight weapon using the original design of the breech - locking mechanism and a reduction of recoil. This reduces the material costs to produce weapons, while for the shooter is firing from these weapons more comfort and handling is easier.
  • Increased accuracy of fire, especially when shooting in fully automatic fire mode. This increases the efficiency of fire fighting, costs of ammunition decrease and fulfilling combat tasks is fast and reliable.