- SAG-30

Weapon is partially alike to the grenade launcher RAG-30, but with a breech-locking mechanism firing from the closed bolt.

Weapon is designed as semi-automatic (auto loading) only, without capability of the burst. It should be deployed within the smallest tactical units on the battlefield as its “supportive artillery”. This weapon is designed to be carried combat ready for an extended periods of time.

Parameters similar to the RAG-30 assign this weapon role of elimination of unprotected enemy infantry and light armored vehicles at medium and larger distance. Lethal effect of the VOG17 ammunition is 7,5 meters, the weapon is easy to maneuver in terrain and easy to serve. This makes it an efficient means of holding the enemy in bay on the longer distance.

Technical parameters

Caliber 30mm (VOG - 17)
Weapon weight 11,8/13,5 kg
Barrel length 300 mm
Weapon length 755/1000 mm
Magazine capacity 5
Rate of fire -
Sights to 800 m graduated by 50 m