Military weapons AGL-30

Fully automatic grenade launcher caliber 30mm (VOG 17), designed for destruction of live forces and lightly armored vehicles.

Submission of ammunition is secured by belt and it is possible to use the same belt segment and magazine fed as for grenade launcher AGS-17 of Russian production.

It is also possible to use the same type of the tripod as it used for AGS-17.

AGL-30 grenade launcher is similar to a grenade launcher AGS-17 with the same purposeful focus and is suitable also to the fitting in vehicles, boats, helicopters etc.

AGL-30, is designed with using our modern breech-locking mechanism (Pat. No. US 8,117,957).

Technical parameters

Caliber 30mm (VOG – 17)
Barrel length 300mm
Weapon length 795mm
Weapon height 188mm
Weapon width 276/146mm (body 68mm)
Weapon weight 14,2kg
Magazine capacity 29 cartridges
Rate of fire 400 rounds per minute
Sights optical sighting device
Picatinny rails 1x according to MIL STD 1913 - top rail for sighting device