This is an individual weapon; although it is designed in the same powerful caliber as a crew (2-3 members) served grenade launcher AGS-17.

Highly efficient weapon designed for elimination of infantry and light armored vehicles. With a maximum range of 1700 meters it covers completely fighting distance of small tactical units. By means of a burst it is capable of effective suppression of small enemy units by delivering into the area of his operation large amount of efficient ammunition with lethal radius of 7,5 meter. The coverage of area by splinters increases probability of enemy suppression and annihilation.

Individual with RAG 30 is free for the fire as an individual, his mobility on the battlefield is comparable with mobility of small units armed by a hand held weapons. This makes RAG 30 true “supportive artillery” of the smallest tactical teams.

Weapon as such is pretty simple and easy to maintain. Patented breech-locking mechanism fires from the open bolt, which reduces felt recoil and prevents “cook-off” of the cambered grenade.

Technical parameters

Caliber 30mm (VOG - 17)
Weapon weight 11,7/13,2 kg
Barrel length 300 mm
Weapon length 755/1000 mm
Magazine capacity 5
Rate of fire 300 rounds per minute
Sights 1000 m graduated by 50 m