- CZW 40

Like the SAG 30, the CZW 40 is extremely efficient weapon of an individual, effective against unprotected enemy forces and light armored vehicles.

This weapon is designed in American cartridge 40 x 53 mm, which increases the range to some 2200 meters and increases terminal efficiency. The weight and size of the weapon makes it easy to handle and perfect mobility, enabling incorporation of this weapon even into the smallest tactical teams.

Because of problematic availability of the ammunition in Czech Republic, only a mock – up of the weapon was made, not a fully functional prototype.

With respect to the similarity with SAG 30 we can assume that once necessary amount of ammunition is available and financing of the development is clear, the CZW 40 will reach following tactical and technical parameters.

Technical parameters

Caliber 40x53
Weapon weight 12,5 kg
Barrel length 400 mm
Weapon length 800/1000 mm
Magazine capacity 5/10
Rate of fire -
Sights 1000 m graduated by 100 m