Military weapons NMD-16

Modern design based on the legendary M16.

New patented locking mechanism that reduces recoil after shooting.

Same design elements as the M16, to include, semi or fully automatic rate of fire.

High endurance with respect to harsh climate conditions, such as cold, heat, sand and dirt.

Easy of maintenance.

Technical parameters

Caliber 5,56 x 45 NATO, .223 Rem
Barrel length 508mm (as M16 A2)
Weapon length 912mm
Weapon height 206mm
Weapon width 56mm (body 39mm)
Weapon weight 3,7kg
Magazine capacity 20, 30, 100 cartridges
Rate of fire 890 rounds per minute
Sights mechanical (as M16 A2)
Picatinny rails 4x by 90° according to MIL STD 1913