Civilian firearms CSV-9 120mm barrel

is a weapon intended for target shooting and sport. It is produced in two production variations - with a barrel length 120mm (see fig.) and with a barrel length 200mm - however, its construction belongs to the group of semi-automatic firearms and it is also suitable for protection of health and property. It is constructed for 9mm Luger cartridge and it's possible to shoot at all approved shooting ranges for pistol ammunition from a distance of about 10m to approximately 50/100m.

Its intended for civilian customers, which are interested in target shooting, sport or performance of various sports shooting disciplines determined for pistols and pistol ammunition. It is also suitable for practice manipulation with weapon during the case of emergency and it may serve as suitable weapon for protection of health and property.

Weapon is equipped with a 4x Picatinny rail, on main upper rail, which is used as cover of weapon, are attached mechanical sights or collimator sight. Other rails are situated by 90° around the axis of barrel on the handguard and it is used for attachment various tactical weapons accessories (eg. a tactical lights and tactical pistol grips).

Technical parameters

Type Semi-automatic pistol
Caliber 9mm Luger (9 x 19)
Barrel length 120mm
Weapon length 350mm / 570mm folding adjustable stock
Weapon height 172mm with basical sights
Weapon width 49mm (body 34mm)
Weapon weight 2,1kg steel body
(1,4-1,7kg alluminium body)
Magazine capacity 10,14,17,30 as Glock Gen4
Rate of fire SEMI (only single shots)
Sights mechanical adjustable - distance between sights cca 140mm / 230mm max (or red dot for picatinny rail MIL STD 1913)
Picatinny rails 4x by 90° according to MIL STD 1913