Civilian firearms CARBINE - Vepr 223 MD

A popular carbine in.223 Remington caliber.

Model MD (Military Design) represents our proposal for a modification of this fixed stocked weapon into a military looking gun with folding stock.

Basic design of the carbine and its external appearance are based on a famous Kalashnikov design, including the same system of the action and trigger mechanism. In a contrast to her military precursor, the carbine shoots in semi-automatic mode only (one shot per one squeeze of the trigger only).

The weapon is suitable for a conditional shooting and for hunting purposes.

Technical parameters

Caliber .223 Rem.
Weapon weight 3,8 kg
Barrel length 350 mm
Weapon length 1030/810 mm
Magazine capacity 5
Rate of fire -
Sights adjustable 100 and 300 m