Automatic carbine CZW 9 FC

Automatic carbine

This is simple but efficient design, easy to manipulate weapon. It does utilize blowback action, the trigger mechanisms has an internal hammer.

Field stripping takes to a properly trained user not more but 5-10 seconds, no tools are needed.

The weapon can withstand even a very rough handling or drops on a hard surface. A mounting rail enables you to use different kinds of sights.

Primary purpose of this weapon is with civilian security services and as a training weapon for the beginners before they proceed to the high power weapons.

Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge 9x19 Luger
Weight 2,8 kg
Barrel length 250 mm
Overall length 680 mm
Magazine capacity 15/30
Rate of fire 780 rounds per minute
Sighted in 50, 100, 200 m
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Video to downland to FULL HIGHT quality here (file MPG).